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We support businesses and corporations through our venture builder as a service.
We help launch new ventures and scale collaboration.


Venture builders are companies dedicated to launch products and new ventures. These are multidisciplinary teams who can analyze and tackle different opportunities in order to propose tests and prototyping strategies in order to test traction and then evolve products from there.

Venture builders create start-ups from the ground up. These are neither incubators nor accelerators, but rather a special figure that looks after the new company as they reach towards an important milestone, and then, making sure that the company gets the right team to continue scaling their business.

Rocket Founders can assemble ad-hoc teams to work with your company in order to pursue the creation of new products or digital businesses.

From research, to ideation, to product definition, prototypes and construction.

This formula helps you set up operations first and then get help and advice during the team building process and business execution.


Our approach:
A startup-inspired process.

We understand the challenges of building digital products. Luckily we've been through this process multiple times. We believe in collaboration and on the power of global talent contributing to projects from any remote location. We push for rapidly bringing ideas to life.

Every Company Is a Software Company
We believe no matter your industry, you’re competing on a software playing-field. A “non-digital” company is one that has yet to recognize and unlock their competitive advantage. If you don’t adapt to change and learn how to leverage technology in the new business environment, someone else will.
Meaningful Impact Requires a Big Vision
We believe in big dreams and bold moves. Meaningful change comes from inspiration, ideation, perspiration, risk-taking, and giving yourself permission to fail.
Build For Change
We believe projects will change over time - and we’re ready for it. The way we develop, the way we staff, and the skill sets of our team members are flexible and ready to pivot. We believe the best way to be successful on a project is to adapt to our clients’ needs. We also utilize frequent, frank and proactive conversations regarding the trade-offs that come from change.
De-risk Like a Startup
We believe in mitigating risk by testing important assumptions early and often. With frequent, frank and proactive conversations regarding options & trade-offs, we stay flexible with change.

Our Process

Meaningful solutions come from well-defined problems. We help you understand the why behind your project, clarify who you’re serving, explore new possible solutions, define the business model and determine the resources with which you’re working.
Launch your baby! As we collect data and user feedback, we learn where we should press on (carrying on with our same goals), and where we should pivot (shifting aspects of the product strategy). The more we learn, the more we refine and optimize the product’s performance.
We build high-fidelity prototypes to test your idea with real customers and learn which features resonate and which ones miss the mark. Using these insights, we refine the product’s key experiences and design to help de-risk the project and deliver a better product.
Our team of developers, platform architects, and designers work side by side to craft engaging, intuitive experiences where great design and functionality come together. We keep our clients informed on our progress through regular “standup” meetings and real-time access to the project roadmap.

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We help entrepreneurs ship digital products, from concept to final product. We also invest through a co-building formula, discover it.
We are constantly researching and shipping new products from our Lab. Meet some of our projects and the culture of makers we have behind.
We are constantly researching and shipping new products from our Lab. Meet some of our projects and the culture of makers we have behind.