MVP cost calculator

How much to build an MVP (minimum viable product)?

Do you have an amazing idea for an app or software but don’t know where to start? Would you like to find out how much it would cost to build a prototype?

We have created this handy cost calculator just for you. Find out how much your prototype will cost in 2 minutes.


What's an MVP?

Your MVP should be the smallest amount of code and design possible
to conduct your first experiment. It helps validate underlying
assumptions quickly and therefore keep costs down.

After our experimentation window closes, we sit down together to review the feedback from the test. We’ll help process the data and make calculated changes for the next iteration. We see what we got right (and wrong) from real users. That data informs both the product direction and the assumptions we test next. If we got things wrong, we will need to pivot. That’s okay because we didn't waste time or money overbuilding unnecessary features in the first iteration.

What it Boils Down To

Every startup that works with Rocket Founders at our Tracking & Acceleration team goes through a highly collaborative, intensely focused process specifically designed to craft the right requirements for your current iteration. We rely on our process to get your startup to market quickly, and simultaneously help with user acquisition at every step. All this accelerates your journey to product/market fit.

In many cases, we end up with a very different product than the simple MVP we started with. That is the result of the validated learning process. The most successful startups we know today evolved drastically from something uber basic (yes, even Uber started out simple). We’ve found that the Rocket Founders Lean Approach uses techniques from successfully built companies, and it can be applied to your startup, too. Your startup can be just as successful without wasting valuable time or money by teaming up with our Tracking & Acceleration team.