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We help entrepreneurs build and ship digital products, from concept to reality.
We also invest through a co-building formula, discover it.


We help define and design your business idea. We'll work together with your team on product specs and then assemble an efficient team to tackle on the challenge.

We know what building is about and have the experience of building startups on rapid changing environments.

We work on entrepreneurs best interests and we guide through the execution in order to ship a product resourcefully in the shortest time. That's the Rocket way.

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We’re passionate about launching startups, just as you are, so if we get in love with your product idea and you’re open to accept a technical savvy partner to walk the walk, then you’re probably interested in co-building with us.

We invest up to 70% of total technology development cost for building your first prototype or product.

Our investment goes in exchange of equity shares, and we like to join early stage ventures.

Interested in co-building with us?

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Our Approach

Our focus is collaboration and efficiency. Our fully distributed team joins your business idea and help defining the product and technical approach. We help you ship the right product, hand in hand. We assemble the right team for the challenge that’s about to be tackled. Rocket Founders multidisciplinary team can plug-in at different business stages, and make great impact.

We usually start with a deep market analysis aimed at identifying potential ideas and opportunities for your business.
Once we’ve collected enough ideas/opportunities we do a trade-off analysis and define more detailed business and product specs.
We build prototypes and tests and validate with entrepreneurs and market, then we build the right product and technology.
We provide you with CTO/CPO level advice, and we’ll guide you through the path of building your own/in-house team for your growth stage.

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We support businesses and corporations through our venture builder as a service. We help launch new ventures and scale collaboration.
We are constantly researching and shipping new products from our Lab. Meet some of our projects and the culture of makers we have behind.
We are constantly researching and shipping new products from our Lab. Meet some of our projects and the culture of makers we have behind.